Differences Between Track-at-once & Disc-at-once

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Track At Once

So, this method simply closes the disc, whether it is a CD or DVD, on which you can also burn multi-session audio and data tracks. This method is most often used for Audio CDs, which blows continuously from other audio CDs and do you need a selection of songs from your favorite artists, or when we have the remaining space on the DVD, and we wish there was something else in the future backup.

Disc at Once

So this method burns the disc in one go lasers, from beginning to end with the conclusion. So if you are doing a backup of the original game, movie, or any software you want and then make it work, use this method. The disc then nothing could enrage while, but again, not a problem of reading on non-PC establishment. Therefore, this recording mode you can use the full capacity of the disc with a slight exceedance of the prescribed / safe / capacity / overburning /. Is it because there is no need to leave space to write-FAT table, which stores all the names and physical addresses of the files and directories, where if you are on the disk. But they have surely everyone knows, its the same as on the hard drive / HDD / when not too full capacity. And it is precisely because the FAT table, which arises formatting and also occupies some disk space.

Well, thats all. 8)

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